Japan, China and South Korea have agreed to increase their cooperation through the sport so that the next three Olympic Games and Paralimpicos are a success.

The ministers of sport of the three countries met for the first time on Friday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, where they will take place the Olympic Games and winter Paralimpicos in 2018. The Olympic Games and summer Paralimpicos 2020 will take place in Tokyo and Beijing will be host of the winter Games 2022.

The ministers signed the Declaration of Pyeongchang, in which one makes a call to that the three countries work toward a peaceful coexistence in the This of Asia based on the invigoration of the mutual understanding through sport exchanges.

The declaration also makes a call so that the three countries share their knowledge and experience in the organization of the Olympic Games and Paralimpicos. The three countries will lead the global efforts on the other hand to prevent the dopaje among the sportsmen.

The air attacks continue in Alepo, city of the north of Syria, after the president's Government Bashar al-Assad he/she declared on Thursday a new offensive in the east of that it pierces that the anti-government forces use as bastion.

The factions in war agreed a cease-fire starting from September 12. However, everything seems to indicate that the truce is about to break due to the worsening of the combats.

Among Thursday for the night and on Friday, combat airplanes bombarded the east of Alepo and their surroundings intermittently. According to a group of observation of the Syrian civil war, in the attacks 39 civilians died, including women and children.

An anti-government activist in Alepo said to our radio station that the bombings of Thursday had been the most intense that I/you/he/she had experienced in her life and she added that they had stayed for more than 24 hours.

The minister of External Relationships of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho, affirmed that the program of nuclear development and of missiles of its country it is a defensive measure, and he/she promised its continuity.

Speaking before the General Assembly of the UN in New York on Friday, the North Korean minister pointed out that his country chose to develop a nuclear arsenal as protection against the nuclear threat of United States.

The minister accused United States of increasing the tension in the Korean peninsula, adducing that Washington maintains a hostile politics toward North Korea and it continues carrying out military exercises in and around the peninsula, an apparent reference to the exercises military groups of United States and South Korea.

The minister affirmed that the fifth nuclear test of carried out North Korea this month an answer went to the threats and sanctions of hostile nations, even United States, underlining that its country will continue taking measures to reinforce the nuclear capacity of its armed forces as much in quantity as in quality.

The director of the organism of the Treaty of Complete Prohibition of the Nuclear Tests expressed his hope that the new resolution of the Security Council of the UN contributes to that the United States and China take concrete measures to ratify the agreement.

Lassina Zerbo, executive secretary of the organism, spoke with our radio station before the advice subjected to voting the resolution draft. Zerbo expressed its approval before the vote, pointing out that it is very important to urge to the countries members to abstain from carrying out atomic tests.

Also, it expressed their hope that the resolution constitutes a positive pressure to demand to the United States and China that ratify the treaty and it pointed out that the absence of such a confirmation on the part of the two countries is a factor of weight that impedes the entrance in vigor of the pact.

The Security Council of the UN has adopted a resolution led by United States in which one makes a call to all the States to not carrying out nuclear tests in those that he/she takes place an explosion.

Fourteen of the fifteen members of the Council voted in favor of the resolution in a meeting that took place in the morning of Friday. Single Egypt abstained from voting. This month, the president's Government Barack Obama had presented the draft of the resolution on time for the inauguration of the General Assembly of the organization. The presentation of the draft was supported for more than thirty countries, even Japan.

Obama wants to help to that the Treaty of Complete Prohibition of the Nuclear Tests enters in validity, in order to liberate to the world of these weapons. The treaty was adopted by the General Assembly of the UN in 1996, but he/she has not still entered in validity.

The resolution makes a call to all the countries to sign and to ratify the treaty as soon as possible and also for not carrying out nuclear tests in those that he/she takes place an explosion.

However, a stipulation to make that the resolution is legally linking was eliminated due to the opposition of Russia and China, both permanent members of the Security Council.

The Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, expressed its decision of looking for an international severe answer to the nuclear programs and of missiles of North Korea. It also indicated that Japan will make an effort to implement its own sanctions against the regime of Pyongyang.

Abe granted a press wheel during its visit to Cuba. Making reference to the series of nuclear tests and launchings of North Korean missiles, the Japanese leader indicated that they are unacceptable acts and that they represent a threat to a greater level that before. He/she added that the international community should unite against this danger and to appeal to overwhelming measures that never before have taken.

Abe made stress in its diplomatic achievements, mentioning that it had confirmed the cooperation in front of North Korea on the part of the president from the United States, Barack Obama, the British first minister, Theresa May, and the Chinese premier, Li Keqiang. The Japanese leader interviewed with those leaders this week in New York during his attendance to the General Assembly of the UN and other meetings of high level.

The Japanese prime minister said that the Security Council of the UN faces the challenge of confirming if it is able to take effective measures in front of the threat of North Korea and to complete its responsibility to maintain the peace and the stability World cups. Also, it pointed out that Japan, as non permanent member of the Security Council of the UN, is resolved to complete a central paper in the solution of this problem.

North Korea carried out its fifth nuclear test last weekend. The concern goes in increase with regard to the progress of the North Korean development of nuclear weapons and technology of missiles. In this edition of The Comment, the professor Hideshi Takesada, of the School of Posgrado of the University Takushoku, talks us about the arms project of North Korea.

The professor indicates that we should be aware that North Korea has progressed enough in its nuclear development. According to the experts, the test of September 9 had a power of almost 10 kilotones, equivalent to between a 70 and 80 percent of the one that had the atomic heady bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. The mensuration of the tremor that provoked is an indication that it was successful. It is also necessary to make mention to the announcement that made the state North Korean television the day of the test. He/she affirmed that the scientists and the technicians of the country had been able to standardize a nuclear warhead the sufficiently small thing as to be mounted in a ballistic missile and that it is developing a he/she arms miniaturized. He/she added that the country is able to take place in series these bombs.

This year, North Korea has shot ballistic several missiles. Consequently, the professor Takesada says that the world has underestimated the progress of the military technology of Pyongyang, including the development of nuclear weapons. For example, August 24 were able to launch a ballistic missile from a submarine. The technology consists on to expel a projectile outside of the water using pressure of vapor and to light its motor when it leaves to the surface. In general, it flies more than 400 kilometers and at least 10 countries have acquired this technology.

Our commentator adds that September 5, North Korea threw three missiles Rodong of medium reach that can fly up to 1.300 kilometers. All they fell in the sea near Japan. It is supposed that the North Korean regime is completely aware that if a missile falls in Japan, the Japanese Government would consider it as a nuclear attack against his territory and it would summon their Forces of Self-defense. Consequently, North Korea is able to adjust the trajectory and the distance of the flight so that the projectile doesn't fall in Japanese territory.

Up to now, Pyongyang has insisted in that its nuclear development won't represent any threat for Japan. However, in Japanese floor there are military American bases that could be a target for Pyongyang. Japan maintains a double defense system in case North Korea launches a missile against its territory. It consists of a system in the sea integrated for destructive with radars Aegis, and in earth for the interception system PAC3. It fits to point out that at the moment he/she has the option of the sophisticated system of missiles that the American army plans to summon in South Korea the next year taking advantage.

Nevertheless, the professor adds, that would not be enough. Japan needs satellites of early alert infrareds that can detect immediately toward where he/she goes some missile rushed by North Korea. At the present time, the only country that is equipped with that system is United States, but Japan needs to develop it as soon as possible in order to improve its antimissile defense capacity.

The families of Japanese kidnapped in the past by North Korean agents, they have urged the Government from Japan to not losing of view the objective of returning them, in moments in those that there is a clamor for the nuclear program of Pyongyang.

They fear that the nuclear test of last week can distract to the international community when making an effort to solve the topic of the kidnappings.

Parents and siblings are concerned because, as they go aging, he/she leaves draining the time to meet with their dear beings that disappeared decades ago.

Shigeo Iizuka, representative of the families, he/she has met on Friday with Katsunobu Kato, the minister of the Cabinet that takes charge of approaching the matter. This it has guaranteed them that the Executive will make all that is in his hand, with dialogue and pressure, so that North Korea returns to those kidnapped.

Up to now, every time that Pyongyang has carried out a nuclear test, the families have asked that additional sanctions are imposed.

After the meeting with the minister, Shigeo Iizuka has expressed its hope that the Government treats this matter like his priority and that it detaches it of the nuclear program of North Korea.

A tribunal of Japan has ratified the national Government's birdcall on the plan of relocation of a military American base inside the prefecture of Okinawa, in the south of Japan.

According to the verdict of the tribunal, so much the repeal of the permission of the works to gain ground to the sea on the part of the governor prefectural, as the rejection on the part of the prefecture of the central Government's order of canceling this repeal, they are illegal.

The demand presented before the dependence of the city of Naha of the High Tribunal of Fukuoka is part of the legal process in relation to the works to gain ground in front of the costs of Henoko, in the Prefecture of Okinawa. This area is the place where one plans to locate the Air base of Futenma of the Infantry of Marina from the United States.

In October of the last year, the Governor of Okinawa, Takeshi Onaga, revoked the permission for those mentioned works that it had been granted by its predecessor.

The legal battle has continued among the Governments power station and of the prefecture from March, when you reached an agreement with the mediation of a tribunal.

When dictating the sentence on Friday, the judge Toshiro Tamiya, in charge of the case, pointed out that it is not another option that to gain ground in the place drifted for the relocation of the base with the purpose of eliminating the risks for the near population to the current base of Futenma.

This is the first verdict in relation to this demand.

You preve that the prefecture of present Okinawa an appeal before the Supreme Tribunal.

In France the Prosecutor's office has declared that one suspects that the three detained women in connection with a vehicle loaded with cylinders of gas were planning an attack under the direction of militant of Islamic State in Syria.

Last Sunday the police found an automobile abandoned in the vicinity of the cathedral of Notre you Give me in Paris. The agents stopped the daughter of the proprietor of the vehicle and other two women in the outskirts of the Gallic capital this Thursday.

In declarations to the press on Friday the district attorneys affirmed that the detainees belonged to a terrorist group formed mainly by young women and they received instructions of militant of Islamic State that they are in Syria. They suspect that they were planning another attack.

One of the detainees 19 years old figured in a list of surveillance of the intelligence authorities for their intention of traveling to Syria. Other of 23 years he/she had bonds with suspicious people of terrorism among them the man that killed a priest in a Catholic church in the north of France in July.

The president from Philippines Rodrigo Duterte criticized the general secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon after the UN urged him/her to respect the human rights in the campaign against the drugs in its country.

Duterte made this comment on Friday in Jakarta during a meeting sustained with managers Philippine residents in Indonesia. Duterte has ordered to intensify the investigations around the crimes related with the drugs. The death of many suspects in the energetic campaign is reason of concern in the international community.

Duterte affirmed that the holder of the UN was even interfering and that some weeks ago it had emitted an official statement on violations to the human rights. He/she added that in their opinion Ban Ki-moon was a fool.

This week the president from the United States Barack Obama canceled a meeting foreseen with Duterte after the Philippine leader reacted with fury before the intention of Obama of requesting him/her that it respects the human rights. Duterte affirmed that he didn't kneel down before anybody.

Last month the Philippine leader complained about the critics of the UN and he even threatened to retire from the world organism to his country.

The minister of Economy Trade and Industry of Japan Hiroshige Seko and the interim prime minister from Thailand Prayut Chan-or-cha they have agreed that their countries will cooperate to form Thai young engineers.

Both maintained an encounter in Thailand on Friday during which dialogued on the activities of the Japanese companies in the country of the Asian southeast especially in the industry of the automobiles.

The Japanese minister said that his country wants to make use of a great number of manufacturers in Thailand and to contribute there to the creation of industries. The Thai president on the other hand affirmed to house big expectations regarding the Japanese technology; he also manifested his desire to strengthen the bilateral bonds in economic matter.

The president from the United States Barack Obama condemned the fifth nuclear test of North Korea describing him from a serious threat to the regional security and the peace and the international stability.

In a diffused official statement on Friday Obama assured that the United States doesn't accept neither they will never accept to North Korea like an atomic state adding that the provocative actions of alone Pyongyang have been able to isolate to its town.

Obama also mentioned that it had sustained phone consultations separately with the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and the president from South Korea Park Geun-hye. As it pointed out the American leader they had agreed to work with the Security Council of the UN and the related countries in order to implement in a vigorous way the current measures and to undertake additional actions that affect North Korea including new sanctions.

Obama indicated that it had communicated Abe and Park the unyielding commitment of the United States to take the necessary measures in its allies' defense including to bet an advanced antimissile defense system in South Korea.

The Security Council of United Nations has emitted a press official statement in which condemns the nuclear test carried out by North Korea.

On Friday the members of the Council met during approximately one hour and to closed door soon after that it was carried out the test. Japan and other countries asked them to take place emergency conversations.

Gerard goes Bohemen ambassador neozelandes before the UN and president of the Council disclosed the official statement in which one affirms that the test constitutes a clear violation of the resolutions of the Security Council as well as a threat to the peace and the international security.

In the document it is also pointed out that the members of the Council will start to work in an immediate way in appropriate" "measures words that reflect that they will dialogue to impose more sanctions to North Korea.

The Japanese Government has foreseen to allow in a next future the use from an automated system of immigration to the foreign visitors that fulfill certain requirements.

The Ministry of Justice installed doors automated in the migratory control of the international most important airports in Japan to avoid congestions. At the present time, the Japanese citizens and the foreigners that have reentrada permission and a residence card can only use this doors. The users should carry an effective passport and to have completed their inscription that includes the registration of fingerprints in a previous way.

Starting from November, the foreign tourists coming from exempt countries of visa to enter to Japan and that they fulfill certain conditions, they will be able to use the automatic doors. The conditions are applied people that belong to public organizations or registered companies that visit Japan at least twice a year.

The Ministry is considering to expand the use from the system to other users, like part of the efforts to impel the foreign tourism.

An international coalition against the cluster bombs informed that 417 people died because of this type of explosive in 2015, most lost the life in Syria and in other areas in warlike conflict in the world.

A report published by the coalition on Thursday indicated that more than a third of all the deaths for cluster bombs were children. The document also says that 248 of them died in Syria, 104 in Yemen and 19 in Ukraine.

The cluster bombs spread hundred of small bombs throughout an extensive area. Occasionally, some don't explode and they are difficult to find and to retire, for what you/they kill and they hurt many people time after the end of the conflicts.

The use of cluster bombs is prohibited by an international treaty that he/she went into effect in 2010. It has been ratified by Japan and other 118 countries and regions. However, nations like United States, Russia and Israel continue without signing it.

The World Bank has emitted funds in China denominated in the Right Special calls of Turn, for the first time in the history. This operation points to achieve a bigger exchange among the financial markets of that country with those of the rest of the world.

The Special Rights of Turn constitute a reservation of foreign currencies administered by the Monetary International Fund. The value of these foreign currencies is based on the American dollar, the euro, the pound sterling and the yen and, starting from next month, the Chinese yuan.

The total value of the funds will be of 500 million Special Rights of Turn, an equivalent one approximate to 700 million dollars. These funds will be marketed in yuanes in the market interbancario of China. An established grouping on the whole between financial Chinese institutions and foreign banks, including the Japanese bank Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, he/she will take charge of the administration of the funds.

When emitting them, the World Bank hopes to offer more means to assure funds and to urge China to be integrated in the financial world system.

On Sunday and on Monday the leaders of the Group of the 20 will meet in the oriental Chinese city of Hangzhou to attend a conference that, for the first time, he/she will preside over the leader Xi Jinping.

In today's Comment, Masaharu Hishida, professor of the University Hosei, will speak to us of the Chinese president's paper in the conversations.

Probably, it begins the professor saying, China considers the summit like one of the matters has more than enough foreign policy to those that more importance grants. For that reason, the form in that Xi Jinping approaches it it will affect to the objective that seems to pursue, this is, to secure even more its power in the breast of Communist Party. It is said that it has already consolidated it, but he/she faces matters that could increase the opposition toward him inside the formation. Among them, the failure that the international tribunal of arbitration dictated in July against the Asian giant's aspirations in the sea of Southern China and the one foreseen unfolding in South Korea of THAAD, this is, the advanced system to intercept missiles of United States. For everything it, to Xi he will find Jinping difficult to adopt an excessively conciliatory posture in the summit. In the professor's opinion, he/she will make it putting of relief the necessity China to cooperate to settle international important matters. It could also be centered in topics economic so pretext that to that they decrease the summits of G20, since he/she wants to avoid the critics toward their own country in other contentious ones, as those that affect to the seas of Southern and Oriental China.

Said this, Xi Jinping would rot it turns in a corner in the economic front. For example, the form in that the combined prospective declaration should mention the international responsibility that has its country for its industrial excessive capacity. The Asian giant could emphasize the importance of his international contribution in case other nations try to request bills to Beijing. The guest wants to check which it will be the focus that you/they will adopt the nations of G20 so that the international community works on the whole from face to solve economic problems of character World cup.

On the other hand, if China puts emphasis in the importance of the international paper, the analyst, Japan says she should underline the relevance of the global cooperation and between Japan and China when solving matters like the nuclear development of North Korea. Also, the professor, Tokyo adds it should transmit his concern on the marine growing activity of China, included the entrance of ships of the Chinese Government in territorial waters of Japan around the islands Senkaku, in the sea of Oriental China that controls this last country. It is necessary to remember that the Japanese Government sustains that they are inherent part of his territory, although as much China as Taiwan claim his sovereignty. And lastly, it finishes today's guest saying, Japan should urge China to that it clarifies which its intention is after those activities in the sea

Near 1.100 people they continue isolated in the prefecture of Iwate, in the northeast of Japan, after a powerful typhoon that whipped the region this week.

Authorities prefecturales confirmed the death of 11 people in the town of Iwaizumi and the city of Kuji, after the typhoon Lionrock. Nine of the victims were civic old whose bodies were found in a home for old men flooded in Iwaizumi.

Local authorities said that a body that was discovered in the proximities of the home for old men on Thursday could belong to one of 16 people that are still missing.

In the morning of Friday, it was believed that approximately 1.100 people were still isolated after he/she intersected the step of routes due to floods and earth slips. More than 800 people in six municipalities take refuge in evacuation centers.

The authorities continue the rescue efforts and help, at the same time that they are carried out works of repair of damaged roads.

In the region of the Russian Far East the military parade was suspended yearly in a ceremony that commemorates another anniversary of the end of Second World War.

September two are the day that Japan signed the document of rendition in 1945. On Friday he/she was carried out the annual ceremony in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, however, the celebration didn't have the military parade and there were not speeches on the part of the commandants of the army. The official number of assistants belonged to a thousand people, a recruit with regard to the figure of the last year.

The Government of Sajalin didn't give explanations, but you speculates that it was a sample of consideration toward Japan. On Friday afternoon one has foreseen a summit Japan-Russia in Vladivostok, city of the Russian Far East.

The lieutenant governor of Sajalin declared in the ceremony that the south of the island and the near archipelago were liberated 71 years ago as a result of Second World War.

These islands include four of those that Japan claims like inherent part of its territory. The Japanese Government affirms that they were busy illegally for the Soviet Union after the war.

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